Do you have a great tagline or slogan for your business? Never underestimate the power of an excellent slogan! The following taglines have been around for years, and many have truly stood the test of time. When you find that perfect slogan that’s both unique and memorable, you’ll find your target audience will be much more attracted to your products and services—and for years to come. (I dare you not to get at least one of these memorable phrases stuck in your head!)

Seeing as the world seems very busy lately, it’s time to slow down and take a break with our fun branding slogans quiz. This is our fourth installment of The Branding Spot Great Brand Slogans Quiz. Want more? Try the Great Brand Slogans quiz, the MORE Great Brand Slogans quiz, and the EVEN MORE Great Brand Slogans quiz , all brought to you by The Branding Spot blog. Enjoy!

Match the Company/Product Name on the Left to the Slogan on the Right.


1. NyQuil A. Mmm Mmm Good!
2. Cracker Jacks B. Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Woman.
3. AT&T C. The Nighttime Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching,
….Stuffy Head, Fever, so you can rest medicine.
4. Windex D. Reach out and touch someone.
5. Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo E. Like a good neighbor…
6. Lowe’s F. Expect More. Pay Less.
7. State Farm G. A streak-free shine, every time.
8. UPS H. So easy a caveman can do it.
9. Sprite I. A prize in every box.
10. Secret Deodorant J. The Greatest Show on Earth!
11. Barnum & Bailey Circus K. No More Tears
12. Target L. The Silver Bullet
13. IHOP M. Ideas for Life
14. Home Depot N. Come Hungry, Leave Happy
15. Coors Light O. Every Kiss Begins with…
16. Campbell’s Soup P. What Can Brown Do For You?
17. V8 Q. Let’s build something together.
18. Kay Jewelers R. Obey Your Thirst
19. Geico Insurance S. You can do it. We can help.
20. Panasonic T. Could’ve Had a…


How did you do? You probably have some sort of jingle stuck in your head after this quiz, right? Sometimes people are surprised at how easy these brand matching quizzes actually are. Well, that’s the power of a great slogan. Some of these slogans are so subliminal, maybe you weren’t entirely consciously aware that you knew so many right answers. Paired with a targeted and repetitive marketing campaign (and often a jingle), a well thought out slogan is irreplaceable as an excellent branding device.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to come up with your memorable and unique tagline to accompany your brand and your business. Get stuck in the heads of your target audience and watch your business (and your brand) bloom!

What are your favorite taglines and slogans? Leave a comment below!