A unique tagline or slogan can be a real head-turner for your target audience. But creating a memorable slogan that just can’t be forgotten ensures your business and your brand retain real staying power for years to come. Don’t believe me? Many of the following slogans have been around over 50 years!

So, with winter just around the corner and the holidays fast approaching, we thought it would be fun to create a third installment of our popular Great Brand Slogans Quiz! If you missed the others, check out the Great Brand Slogans Quiz and the MORE Great Brand Slogans Quiz — all brought to you by The Branding Spot Blog!

For this round, pay attention to the sounds, voices, and music you hear when you think of each slogan. You might be surprised how each brand slogan and its associated sounds jump-start your memory.


Favorite Brand Slogans QUIZ

Match the Company/Product Name to the Slogan.

1. Snapple A. You can’t stop the copper top.
2. Duracell Batteries B. The happiest place on Earth.
3. Subway C. Because I’m worth it.
4. Kix Cereal D. Once you pop, you just can’t stop.
5. Skittles E. What’s in your wallet?
6. Pringles F. Play. Laugh. Grow.
7. National Crime Prevention Council G. Zoom Zoom.
8. Fisher Price H. Kid Tested. Mother Approved.
9. Miller High Life I. Taste the Rainbow.
10. Disneyland J. Funny name. Serious sandwich.
11. RAID K. Kills Bugs Dead.
12. Red Bull L. Eat Fresh.
13. L’Oreal M. Made from the best stuff on Earth.
14. Lays Potato Chips N. Take a bite out of crime.
15. Mazda O. Can you hear me now?
16. Capital One P. Magically Delicious
17. Verizon Q. Tastes so good, cats ask for it by name.
18. Lucky Charms R. The Champagne of Beer
19. Schlotzsky’s Deli S. …gives you wings!
20. Meow Mix T. Betcha Can’t Eat Just One.




How did you do? Pretty easy, right? Unless you’re unfamiliar with particular product, it’s likely you scored 100%, or very close to it. Why? Because a great brand slogan is just one component of a great brand! How many times did you hear a particular set of notes or noises or voices when you read a certain slogan? Some business owners underestimate the power of sound within a great brand.

What are some of your favorite brand slogans? Do the sounds and voices associated you’re your favorite slogan bring to mind anything in particular? Maybe a radio or TV commercial from years ago? Please share your comments below!