Branding Challenge Series

In both life and business, it’s important to keep moving forward – fearlessly propelling yourself towards new people and new ideas, and never settling for stagnancy.  After all, there’s no time like the present to get moving and continue advancing and experiencing the many things life has to offer.

Women: In the Spotlight

Now more than ever, women are propelling themselves into that spotlight, and without hesitation.



Did You Know…?

  • We’re looking at a 15-year high for the creation and success of women-owned start-ups.
  • 53% of online users are women.
  • The fastest growing Facebook demographic is women over the age of 55.

It’s an exciting time for women – and especially women entrepreneurs.  Women all over the world are designing their own lifestyles.  They’re exercising their freedom from corporate boundaries, tearing through loads of interesting information and connecting with others in entirely new ways.

In The Branding Spotlight

This month, I attended Ali Brown’s SHINE Conference for Women Entrepreneurs in unusually chilly Dallas, Texas.  Although very different than the retreat I attended last year (led by Fabienne Fredrickson, I did come home with some tidbits of information to help me continue down my path of greatness and success.

Here’s What I Learned…

  • Don’t Dwell, Never Regret. Accept that where you are now is just where you are.  We all have to start somewhere.  Don’t waste your time rehashing why you are where you are.  Don’t run through the choices you could’ve made, thinking you could be further along if you’d only avoided certain mistakes.
    • Here’s the reality: you wouldn’t be who you are now if it wasn’t for the choices you made in the past!  You are on the right road for you.  Live with it and start your engines.
  • Be YOU. Don’t apologize for being authentic.  Authenticity is your strength.  You must embrace your “unique oddness” – always.  Take it from Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”
  • Value Your Skills. You don’t need to keep doing everything you’re good at.  Instead, keep doing what ONLY you can do.  Hire or teach someone else to do the rest.  Your time is better spent.
  • Know What People WANT. Provide what people want, not what you know they need.  When you provide people with what they think they want, THEN you can educate those clients on what they actually need.  You can’t help anybody if there is no desire for what you offer!
  • Your Network = Your Net Worth. I’ve said it many times before: it’s all in who you know.  Networking is absolutely key.  Like E. James Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  So go start spending more time with people who are successful.

One More for the Road…

You don’t become a millionaire for the money, but for the person you become during the journey.

While I recommend attending seminars for personal and business growth as well as success, all you really need to do is believe in yourself!  So step out of your comfort zone and propel yourself into your own spotlight!