Bringing clarity to your
company vision.




Can your audience differentiate you from your competitors?


Do you attract qualified leads that already know and like your company culture?


Is your company’s bottom line growing?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you may have a branding problem.


We bring clarity to your overall company vision with branding strategies designed to attract and engage a higher quality audience, inspire customers and prospects to action, and grow your bottom line.

Spot-On Branding does this by pairing methodical and practical marketing strategies with clear-cut, easily recognizable and memorable designs.

Isn’t it time to come out of the fog?



Whether you’re emerging on the scene, evolving from where you started or elevating to new heights, Spot-On Branding’s three-step approach positions your brand for success.

With Spot-On Branding, you get so much more than a graphic designer. We dig deep to get to the essence of your company vision. We apply our experience and knowledge to create with meaning and purpose, so your brand is always working to accelerate your business growth. Here’s how…



A strategic plan is essential to every effective brand. So before we begin creating your brand, we really get to know you, your business, and your overall company vision. We research and assess your company’s current brand, target audience and competition. Our findings provide the details we need to construct your custom growth-infused marketing strategy and fuel our next steps.


This is where the magic happens. Your brand plan transforms into a clear, easily identifiable and memorable brand ID you’ll feel confident sharing in the marketplace. Here, we ensure your brand image and brand message are aligned and consistent across all collateral, platforms and channels. You’ll also receive handy Brand Style Guidelines specifying your logo, brand colors, typography, formatting and more, as detailed in your brand plan.


Here’s where the nuts and bolts of your brand are created. Not every brand has the same goals, so not every company needs the same marketing pieces to meet their growth and marketing objectives. Some businesses need business cards while others need tradeshow booths. In this phase, we complete the branding projects and design scopes we’ve identified in the previous steps. Your bottom line is our top priority.



How do you know if your brand is working to grow your business? We provide meaningful metrics to ensure comprehensive brand management over the long haul. By routinely reviewing predetermined key analytics, we can anticipate and (if need be) formulate adjustments to your overall brand strategy and execution to ensure optimal ongoing engagement and long-term results.


We like to take a team approach to creating or revitalizing your brand. We get to know your company, your ideal target audience and your story. You’ve worked hard to build a business and you’re no industry cliché—so we take the time to really get to know who you are and what qualities make your company absolutely unique.

We ask the right questions from the very start, eliminating four million revisions so you can focus on your business.

Our goal is to get your brand identity and brand message on track, so it’s cohesive and clear across all brand components. We translate logos, business cards, websites, brochures and more into one solid, instantly recognizable brand. Branding simply doesn’t work when it’s not consistent, so brand alignment is absolutely key to branding and business success.

Spot-On Branding helps business owners understand why they need to brand extraordinary and how that translates to lasting, lucrative relationships with their clients. When you have branding questions, Spot-On Branding is here to help you build your business through time-tested branding and rebranding strategies.

Spot-On Branding works with clients dedicated to consistent brand building and committed to growing their business through a long-term partnership with us. Our clients see branding as critical to their business success, so they’re willing to invest to reap the benefits of a single, recognizable, unified brand identity.

You’re dedicated to the success of your business, and so are we.


Nora D.Richardson

As CEO at Spot-On Branding, Nora is living her dream: designing and building brands people love, love, love! She brings her full knowledge, her creative intuition, her infectious enthusiasm, and her years of experience as a Brand Consultant to every project. Nora is always excited and curious about the next branding project awaiting on the horizon. Shoot her an email anytime at

Aaron Barse

Aaron designs like a dance. He is a client’s partner forming compositions with integrity, compassion and drive. Equipped with a concept, he expressively illustrate each curve and line – designing with the precision of a well choreographed dance routine.

Ann Taylor

Ann wears many hats at Spot-On Branding. Just some of her talents include her eagle eye for big opportunities, her genuine heart for lending a helping hand, and her knack for connecting people, businesses and brands together.



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