When you decide to get serious about getting in shape, you hire a personal trainer to provide a comprehensive, one-on-one educational program that promotes health and fitness through realistic goal-setting and education.  Sure, you could go to the gym and create your own workout regimen, but you won’t get a workout that’s tailored to your needs, so you may not get the results you’re looking for.  When working with a personal trainer, you get an experienced professional who can see exactly what needs work and knows what approach will yield the best results.  So, a personal trainer helps you figure out how to maximize your time to get the results you want and need.

So, what’s a Brand Identity Manager?

Glad you asked!  Similarly, a Brand Identity Manager is a branding professional you hire to get the results you want and need out of your brand and, ultimately, out of your business as well.  A Brand Identity Manager is a personal trainer for your brand!  Spot-On Branding can analyze your brand to see what shape it’s in, and then begin the process of getting that brand into great shape!

But here’s the best part: while you’re the one that has to work out when you meet with a personal trainer—you’re in luck: a brand manager will do the work for you!

Focused Attention for Total Brand Success

Think of it like this: every facet of your brand is like a body part that needs attention and work.  This is the KEY to creating a strong brand identity for your business.  From your logo to your website design, from your marketing collateral pieces to your business cards, EVERY detail needs to be toned and strengthened regularly to create a strong and balanced brand.

Your brand represents the excellence, pride and integrity you put into your business every single day—so don’t sell your business short!  A Brand Identity Manager focuses on getting your brand into the best shape possible, allowing you to focus on what’s important: your business operations.

A Brand Identity Manager:

  • Is the center of your brand, working to conduct and orchestrate each and every component, so your brand is always working at peak performance.
  • Sees and creates the look and feel of your big brand vision, always aware, looking and moving toward the big picture results.
  • Is thorough, with great attention to detail, so no bits of your brand are left behind or lacking.
  • Aligns all of your brand components to ensure each and every collateral/multi-media piece is branded consistently and effectively.
  • Develops a brand identity marketing strategy, outlining the best approach to snag your target market and popular demographics.
  • Finds the right vendors to work for you for total brand appeal, such as copywriters, printers, website developers, photographers, social media marketers, PR directors, and more!
  • Manages the aforementioned creative vendors for you, so you only have to deal with one person: your Brand Identity Manager, saving you time and money in the long run.

Pump up that Brand and See Results!

Hiring a Brand Identity Manager is a smart move for your brand and your business.  Take the hassle out of brand fitness—let a Brand Identity Manager from Spot-On Branding get your brand in tip-top shape and ready to impress your target audience!  Your business, your brand and you, as a smart business leader, deserve the best in Brand Identity Management!