How’s your week going? Time for some fun! Take a look at the following logos. How many of these brands can you recognize from just these images?


How do you think you did? (Write your answers in the comment section below.) Could you recognize and recall all these brands? If so, there’s a reason they’ve made it into your memory. You can likely say you’ve simply seen these brands so many times they’re forever ingrained in your head. So, sure: repetition could be a part of it.

But isn’t it interesting that you can distinguish these brands just by their parts, without the whole picture? That’s some really impressive brand recognition. So why are these brands so easily distinguished? There must be more to it!

Love(/Hate?) Relationships

Truth is, some information is so primal, so instinctual, that it makes a powerful impression on your brain almost immediately. So what do these brands tap into that is so very primal and instinctive? Our emotions, of course!

A recent study from Australia found that preschool-aged children (between around age 3 to age 5) could recognize quite a few brands just from bare bones logos like the examples above. (Read the full article here: What Kids Know: McDonald’s, Toyota, Disney.)

Almost 93% of these kids were able to recognize McDonald’s from the “Golden Arches” alone. That’s right, they weren’t even looking at Ronald McDonald! Now that’s powerful branding.

Here’s where it gets interesting…
Just because those 93% recognized the McDonald’s brand, that doesn’t mean they like McDonald’s! Instead, the researchers found that these children had varying opinions on McDonald’s—but most of them were pretty strong, either way. The kids who liked McDonald’s found the playground self-serving and enjoyable. They associated their visits with being surrounded by other happy, friendly kids.

So before these kids are even hitting kindergarten, these brands are making a big impression. Turns out, that emotional connection with the brand experience is set in their little minds very early on.

What Does Your Target LOVE?

My point here isn’t to start young. (Although, apparently it doesn’t hurt!) The trick is in defining what strategies will get to the heart of your target market. Find what they love, then become what they need by evoking those strong emotions through great branding! Start by focusing on what makes your brand enjoyable. When your branding is simple enough for a child to enjoy, you’ve more than likely tapped into that same primal mind in adults as well.

Humans can be pretty predictable. We need air, water, food, shelter—and a few creature comforts (and don’t forget our competitive nature—we need to keep up with the Jones’). You just need to figure out where your brand and your business, and your products and services fit into the equation.

As I always say, start by defining your ideal target customer. How does your business benefit their life? When you come at your target market from a service perspective, then blend in that emotional appeal to create those long-lasting memories, you can’t lose! Your customers will love your brand for it—now and into the future!

Do you think you guessed the logos accurately? If so, comment below and tell us your guesses.